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Robert S.

"Julie was very knowledgeable, experienced, professional and helpful." - Robert S.

Ellen R.

"We had the most wonderful experience with Julie. I had originally kept coming back to a condo for sale in Colonial C.C., and Julie pick up on that and asked if I wanted her help. I said yes, and finally convinced my husband, Eli to go see it. It was in foreclosure at the time.Julie said let’s put your Condo also in Colonial C.C. and price it right so we don’t need to keep reducing it. Unfortunately, my husband dragged his feet on the foreclosure and we lost it. We took ours off for a bit. But, by then several others became available. We had really decided we wanted to be in this area of Colonial C.C. Julie worked diligently to get us what we wanted. It took a little time, not really very much. One fell through because of difficult sellers and we had a buyer. Then we got offers at Julie’s recommended selling price and she negotiated the original deal we wanted. She was like a miracle worker, or a magician. My husband and I think the world of Julie and her husband, Rick. I felt it was business, that didn’t feel like business. I felt we were working with a friend, who did everything in her power to get us what we wanted. If anyone wanted to know a good realtor, Julie would be our recommendation. If down the road, we wanted to move (though I don’t think so) we would absolutely call Julie. I told her that I consider her my friend, and an excellent business woman. Also, I want to continue to have a personal relationship with Julie and Rick. They are truly wonderful." Sincerely, Ellen R.

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