Captiva Island is breathtaking yet full of mysteries and adventure. Every part of the island is like a treasure waiting to be discovered. The white sandy beaches with seashells scattered around the sea makes this place simply irresistible.

Captiva Island is the sister island of Sanibel Island but it is smaller in size. You can go to Captiva Island by crossing a small bridge from Turner Beach. Captiva Island is what luxurious tropical getaways are all about. The accommodations are superb. There are multiple choices for shopping and dining that will satisfy every craving in your body. There are tons of recreational activities for the whole family including golfing, fishing, boating and many more.

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Captiva Island Real Estate

Captiva Island is an excellent choice for a real estate investment. Whether it is a new home for the family or a commercial space you are looking for, your money is well invested here. The serene environment, slow-paced lifestyle, beautiful beaches, azure blue seas and the family activities are the top reasons why people choose to buy a vacation home on Captiva Island. Some stay temporarily while some cannot resist not staying on the island for a long time. Once you see the scenic views of the sunsets, you might find it hard to leave too.

Captiva Island Dining

When going to Captiva Island, the first thing you should sample are the fresh seafood. Being close to the water, restaurants serve the most succulent and juiciest seafood in the world. In addition, there is a wide selection of local delicacies to tickle your taste buds. On Captiva Island, you can go for casual dining or fine dining. Whatever you are craving for, you will get satisfaction before the day ends.

Captiva Island Recreation

Captive Island is enjoyable for both the young and old. While the older people stroll down the beach and relax with the calm breeze, the children are having a grand time with the different recreational activities. Here, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, you get to do the activities under perfect weather. It will be hard to choose which activity to do first which is why you should have a vacation home here. This way, you will not have to rush your activities. You can play tennis, gold, go boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing or swimming. The entire family will also enjoy viewing the variety of wildlife on Captiva Island.

Captiva Island Shelling

Shelling is one of the favorite activities on Captiva Island. The pastel colored seashells are scattered on the beach shores and it will be hard not to take notice. Go shelling with the family and collect some as keepsakes for your memorable time on Captiva Island. This island is considered as one of the best shelling places in the world.

Captiva Island Shopping

What is a vacation without shopping? Captiva Island will not let your retail cravings down, as there are plenty of shops here. You can shop on Andy Rosse Lane and the north part of Captiva Drive. While you may not find much designer brands here, you will be treated to local pottery, antiques, gift shops, beach fashion, hand-painted furniture and handcrafted goodies. Take time to shop around for the best souvenirs you can take home with you.

Captiva Island Things To Do

Captiva Island, just like its sister island Sanibel, is filled with exciting and fun activities to do. This island will not only captivate you, it will enchant you as well. Captiva Island has 15 miles of beach plus hanging mangroves along the roads. The island has an abundance of unique shops and eclectic restaurants. The island is laid-back and relaxed, which makes it more fun to do the activities you want and when you want it. So, how should you spend your typical vacation on Captiva Island?

As mentioned earlier, shelling is a favorite activity here so you must try it. Scoop beautiful shells from the sandy beaches. Use them as necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories or displays. If you plan to stay a bit longer, you can go to the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. The museum offers workshops on shelling. Ensure that you do not miss spending time searching for these tiny treasures on Captiva Island.

Visitors of Captiva Island love going to Ding Darling Nature Preserve. It is a 6,300-acre nature preserve that is home to a huge population of migratory birds. You can explore the place by car, by bike, by kayak or on foot.

The beach will be your home on Captiva Island. Once you decide what beach to go to, all you need to do is enjoy with the rest of the family. Swim in the clear blue waters while feeling the warm sunshine. Play beach sports or just relax and breathe in the beauty of the place. How about being more adventurous and try parasailing?

On Captiva Island, you can explore the waters by yourself. There are boat rentals where you can take the boat, do some exploring and search for dolphins, sea turtles and manatees. There is no pressure as you have the entire watercraft for yourself. You may want to go fishing while you are at it too. Backwater fishing trips are popular on Captiva Island given its abundance in different kinds of backwater fishes.

If you really love the waters, you should go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are dozens of artificial reefs, wrecks and underwater creatures to see. You can swim with the moray eels, nurse sharks, barracuda, cobia and groupers. It is a whole new world down there.

If you are not fond of exploring alone, you can join in several cruises, excursions and tours. There is the cruise to Cayo Costa, which is a seven-mile paradise. You can book a private cruise to make the moment more intimate of the family. You can also go on nature and historical tours and see the best sights on Captiva Island.

Captiva Island is a marvel and there are so many reasons why you should consider staying here. This might be the perfect retirement place for you. Before the best properties are sold, start looking for one for your family now. You will be amazed with the assortment of real estate properties that are just waiting for you.