Why Florida is Everyone's "Home Away From Home"

Posted by on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 2:18pm.

No place says “vacation” quite like Florida.

Ask anyone why and they’ll each give you a different answer. Maybe it’s the palms. Maybe it’s the weather, or the warmth. Maybe it’s the miles upon miles of beaches – everyone has their reason. Whatever it is, it’s catching on, and making America’s favorite peninsula the vacation destination on everybody’s list.  

According to CNBC, of the top ten “Best Cities to Buy a Vacation Home,” Florida held five spots. Ft. Myers came in second overall after Las Vegas, but if you are adverse to a wild Vegas lifestyle and instead want a warm, relaxing, and cathartic vacation experience, Florida is the way to go.

  • It’s inexpensive – if you know where to look

Florida has been given a reputation of being a locale fit for only the super-rich, but the fact is, there are countless properties available all throughout the state that are priced to fit a tight budget. In Ft. Myers alone, the median home price has dropped a whopping 54% since its 2006 peak of $258,000 – it now stands at just $118,000.

  • It’s fun

Between Disney, the Keys, the Kennedy Space Center and more, there isn’t a shortage of things to do no matter where you are in Florida – and if you’ve chose the Ft. Myers area, this holds firmly true. With amenities such as beaches, surfing, boating, fishing, night life, and a historic downtown area packed with museums and landmarks, prepare to have a full plate of activities.

  • It’s year-round

They don’t call it “The Sunshine State” for no reason. Plenty has been said about typical Florida good weather, but not much is emphasized about the fact that this weather is a year-round occurrence. Save for the late-afternoon showers in the summer and the brief “cold” snaps in the winter, Florida’s weather seems to have a one-track mind: sun and fun. After all, there aren’t many places where you could spend a mid-December morning playing an award-winning golf course, and top off the afternoon with a dip in the pool.

  • The coasts were built just for you

Look at any picture down the line of a Florida beach, and you’ll notice countless high-rises dotting the horizon. This is because Florida’s economy is nearly completely run by the tourism industry – they want to do everything they can to get you down here and get you happy. You’ll find incredible deals on beachfront condos and apartments just because if no one is filling them, they’re losing money. There has never been a better time than now to buy, and Florida continues to offer the best locations to do so at the best prices.

So whether you are thinking of buying a vacation home on the coast or just visiting for a week to hit Florida’s famous theme parks, this state provides the best in every category.  

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