This Season, Don't Let Renters Turn Your Condo Into a Hotel

Summer is upon us, and with it comes the usual influx of vacation travelers. Such is life in Florida.

It brings a much appreciated boost to the state’s economy, but also puts a strain on the long-term residents in many areas that are seen as summer vacation hotspots. As tenants rent out rooms to short-term travelers for premium rates, the amenities get more and more use, and condos start to look more like a Holiday Inn than a home.

And what people sometimes forget is that these condos often are homes, and not just part-time residences, owned half of the year and rented out the other half. And for these condo owners – everyone from a single bachelor to a big family – the increase of rowdy vacationers is not always a good thing.

It’s almost a guarantee that a hotel will see its fair share of unruly guests and lively activities. It’s probably got something to do with the Florida heat mixed with mixed drinks at poolside cabanas. But hotels are made to deal with this kind of situation – condos are not.

So, if you want to protect your condominium, make sure you have reasonable guest restrictions in place. It’s a sure way of ensuring that you provide the best possible experience for renters without letting some rowdy bad apples spoil everyone’s Florida experience. Here are a couple tips for creating the best experience for everyone involved:

  • “If a unit leased for more than three times a year for less than 30 days, the unit can be considered a hotel/motel by the State of Florida.”

Naples attorney Rob Samouce explains that if a condo falls under this category, it can be investigated by the state and required to be retrofitted with all the extra equipment  and facilities that a hotel or motel would normally have. Avoid these charges by making sure you don’t rent out your unit too often.

  • “Adding restrictions on the number of guest stays in the unit in the absence of the owner” can cut down on incidents that disturb other guests.

Without a restriction like this, there isn’t anything keeping a large group of people from squeezing into a much-too-small condo in order to save some money. But the more people there are in such a small space, the louder and more disruptive they are likely to be. And without the owner there to keep order, things can get out of hand quickly.

Protecting your neighbors, as well as the integrity of your home and theirs, is important no matter who you rent to. Keep everyone happy, enjoy the summer, and you’ll probably see them next year. 

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