Spot Has A New Place To Play In Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs dog parkIf you are a dog lover living around Bonita Springs then here is a little good news for you. The city council has approved of a new dog park to be built at the north of East Terry Street and Matheson Avenue, and construction could begin as early as June.

The site was once a trailer park and plans are to devote $360,035 towards reconstructing it and making it usable as a beautiful dog park. Most of the allocated expenses that will be incurred are for the vinyl coated chain link fence that is supposed to appear natural.

There will be a reserve fund of $46,961. The funding will be set aside to treat any instances of soil contamination that may be pre-existing in the area. Current design plans envision the park to cover six and a half acres of an 18-acre land site, with separate sections for small, medium, and large sized dogs. There will be gopher tortoises sharing about 10 acres of this area.

The park will also be designed so that it is easy to use by bicyclists and pedestrians. Other features of the park will include a spot where you can give your pooch a bath, a picnic spot, and an asphalt path for cyclists and pedestrians. Funding for the park is set to come out of the park impact fees, and the annual maintenance cost is estimated to be around $15,000, which would come out of the operating fund. In the near future dog lovers will have fun playing with their beloved pets in Bonita Springs.

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