Go Green at Home, Save Some Green in Your Wallet

With all the rising popularity of “going green” starting to manifest in every walk of life, we can’t forget about the place most people spend the majority of their time – their home.

People are buying hybrid cars, low-energy light bulbs, and biodegradable packaging more than every nowadays, and it’s no surprise that these habits have started to lead into the real estate industry.

Living a green lifestyle is a great way to lower your bills and general just feel better about your impact on the world. Start by opening a window instead of cranking the air conditioning, turning lights off when you leave a room, and unplugging unused electronics.

More and more homeowners are purchasing certified energy-efficient appliances to counterbalance a not-so-green home. Things like water heaters, new insulation, and rainwater collectors are all simple ways to save yourself money, and yes, improve the value of your home. Here are a few more little-known ways that you can board the green train and take it to your front door:

  • Buy green cleaners

Many dishwasher liquids and various-use soaps can actually be toxic to you and your environment. Look for green alternatives – some of them are even cheaper than the name brands as well.

  • Cut down on plastics

The next time your local bag boy gives you the tired “Paper or plastic?” routine, opt for paper. You can fit more in them, use less, and they recycle much better than plastic. Better yet, many grocery chains sell their own reusable bags for just mere quarters, and last for years.

  • Green paint (not the color)

Paints are measured by their volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that cause indoor air quality to diminish thanks to ozone and smog. Look for paints with little or no VOCs, and the environment (and your health) with thanks you.

These are just a few of the ways to go green with your home, and they can all be done quickly and painlessly - they can even save you money. There’s no reason to wait any longer, so get your home on the right track soon.

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