Fort Myers 55th Beach Shrimp Festival 2013

Fort Myers, Florida is not only popular for their crystal blue and white sand beaches but every year thousands of people from all over the world visit this popular place every March for its fun and memorable Shrimp Festival. Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival was held on March 3 to 10.

Various Fun Events During The Festival

This is Fort Myers 55th Shrimp Festival and the festival was opened grandly during the annual Fort Myers Beach Lions Shrimp Festival Queen Sunset Social event held at the Gulf shore Grill in Estero Boulevard. The candidates for the 2013 Shrimp Festival Queen’s Pageant were introduced with tickets for the event sold out for $10 each.

If you are into shrimps especially delicious foods involving shrimps, then you will love the festival’s Food Fun and Crafts Expo event. This year, the 21st Annual Shrimp Festival Food Fun and Crafts Expo held last March 9 to 10 and were joined by more than 100 popular and local vendors. The expo was opened with the Shrimp Festival Parade. Aside from great foods, lots of products especially souvenirs for the event was also available such as t-shirts, caps, tank tops, and more.

Visitors and partygoers were also able to experience and taste the freshest and best shrimp dishes through the festival’s World Famous Lions Shrimp Dinner, which were held Saturday and Sunday during the duration of the festival.

Festival For Charity

The Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival was established not only to provide a fun event for the residents and guests of the community but also to help those who are in need. For the past years, the annual festival has raised thousands of dollars, which were donated in various health facilities, charitable institutions, and community organizations such as the Baskin Palmer Eye Institute and Florida Lions Eyebank. Some money raised from the events was also donated to the Little League and Florida Lions Camp, and in various libraries in the communities.

History Of Shrimp Festival

The Fort Myers Shrimp Festival was first ever held in year 1959 and the festival included an event called the Beach Day. During the festival, St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church blessed the Shrimp Fleet held on the Beach Pier. The church organization was also the one selling shrimp rolls on the beach during that time.

A beauty contest was then added to the event and was organized by the Beach Improvement Association. The first Shrimp Festival was only held for two days, during Saturday and Sunday but after many years, more fun activities and events were added to the festival resulting to a weeklong celebration. During the 70s, the organization of the event were handed to the Chamber of Commerce but after a year, the Chamber of Commerce returned the organization of the festival to the Lions Club realizing that it is too much work for them.

This year, a lot of residents and vacationers enjoyed the festival especially the amazing foods and crafts all related to shrimps and the beautiful place Fort Myers. A lot of vacationers and visitors actually plan their vacations and trips to Fort Myers during this date because they want to witness and enjoy the annual Shrimp Festival of Fort Myers.

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