Fiddlesticks Country Club’s Successful Charity Event For 2013

Fiddlesticks is one of the largest and prestigious master-planned communities in Fort Myers, Florida. For residents of this beautiful exclusive community, it is not only a home but also a great place where people who are relatively well-off give back to other people who are in need and to help the community.

The community of Fiddlesticks Country Club is the perfect place for the charity events not only because of the people and residents who are willing to help but also because of the great facilities available in the community. Fiddlesticks County Club is home to some of the best golf courses in the region. The community has two golf course designed by some of the best golf course architects and other recreational facilities and sports venues like tennis courts, professional swimming pools, and a modern clubhouse.

With a great community plus group of successful and generous people who are willing to give back and help those who are in need, the Fiddlesticks Country Club community is definitely a beautiful and wonderful community.

The Bobby Nichols-Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation

Recently, the community has successfully conducted a charity sports event and fruitfully raised more than a million dollars, which will be given to unprivileged children and victims of abuse.

The three-day multisport charity event was founded in 2002 and has been conducted for 11 years now. The organization is known as The Bobby Nichols-Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation named after the PGA champion and also resident of the Fiddlesticks community, Nichols. The Bobby Nichols Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation is a non-profit group composed of members of the community known as Pipers who volunteer to organize this special and philanthropic celebrity event to earn funds for charity groups and organizations.

The charity event has raised more than 6 million dollars since 2006 but for this year, the community has raised a record-breaking amount of more than $1.2 million.

The multisport charity event is composed of 3 major competitions such as pro-am golf tournament, tennis tournament, and kid’s walkathon. For this year’s charity event, 260 players joined the Bobby Nichols golf tournament. More than 350 viewers went to watch the tennis competitions and the kid’s walkathon while about 400 people attended the event’s auction gala.

The Fiddlesticks Cares

Another charity organization of the community, the Fiddlesticks Cares, has also done a lot of great community services and charity projects for the last 3 years. The organization has gained support from other nonprofits organizations through its volunteer fair conducted last year from the community’s clubhouse.

Fiddlesticks Care is a non-profit organization established by the community of Fiddlesticks to provide volunteers all over the region which will help the community in various ways. According to the chairwoman of the organization, Sandy Puccio, the volunteers go to various areas in and outside the community to help other various organizations in common tasks like painting facilities, repairing, gardening, and even cooking foods. Some volunteers also package foods, build gardens for the children, collect books, and do some children reading for the kids.

Through these simple little help, the non-profit organization can help communities and the residents through simple ways. By lending some time especially for the kids, the volunteers set a good example for the kids to follow and continue later on.

To improve the communication and information dissemination to the members of the Fiddlesticks Cares organization, they are now developing a website for the organization wherein members can easily see and are updated of the volunteer opportunities and scheduled activities of the organization. Aspiring volunteers will also be able to see the works and projects of the organization, which will encourage more people to join the volunteer programs and the organization.

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