Equity Realty's Deep Water Well Project

Water – the most abundant resource on the planet. We take it for granted. It keeps us healthy, cleans our food, clothes, and our bodies.

In Africa it is said, "Water is life". However, in Africa many people have little access to clean water. They have to walk miles to a community well. Often, the water is tainted and unclean. And unclean water can lead to sickness, infections, blindness and even death. In Africa alone, 345 million people lack access to safe water (http://water.org/water-crisis/water-facts/water/). That represents the entire population of the US. Imagine not being able to provide clean water for your family.

At Equity Realty, we have partnered with World Vision to combat the inequity in Africa. The irony is there is plenty of clean water but it is deep below the ground. Equity Realty will be donating $15,000 to World vision to pay for the drilling of a deep water well.


The need is so great and this donation is nothing when contrasted with the need. However, together we can make a difference for one village, one family, one child.

I want to thank our staff, agents and especially our customers. Thank you for your continued support and your contribution to making this possible.

Tim Ryan - Broker & Owner

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