Booming Tourism At Lee County And Collier County For 2013

A lot of hotel and resort owners are now very happy and excited with the great start of Lee County and Collier County’s tourism industry for the start of this year. According to reports, almost all hotels and resorts are experiencing a great increase in occupancies and bookings for the month of February. Experts believe that this booming tourism in Lee County and Collier County will continue to increase until the month of April.

A Great Start For The Tourism Industry For 2013

Compared to last year’s tourism performance of the two counties in Florida, room rates and occupancies are much better for this year, and hotel owners and resort owners are quite excited about this good start for the tourism of the region. A lot of people from all over the country are now driving and visiting Florida especially this part of the state due to the wonderful warm, sunny weather perfect for summer activities and vacations.

According to Brian Holly, the managing directors of Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport at Town Center, the tourism industry is really doing great so far and a lot of experts believe that the market will remain high even after the Easter season since occupancies and room rates usually fall during this season. Despite the few accidents and unexpected events some hotels and resorts experienced, a lot of vacationers and guests still flock in the region and the best part is that most of the visitors are families, teams, or in groups.

According to a survey conducted by the area visitor bureaus involving the vacation property managers in the two counties, hotels and vacation property managers report an increase of 85% in reservations from the months of January to March. Collier County experienced an 89.7% increase in reservations and bookings according to hoteliers. Some hotels and resorts are now even celebrating early this month treating their hardworking staffs with a simple party to congratulate them with the good performance so far and to encourage them to work better with the tourism sector doing really great.

April Filing Of Tax Returns

However, some apartment and condo owners in Lee County and Collier County expect a fall on their tenancy starting April since some of the residents might be going to their permanent homes to prepare for the filing of income taxes. Although computers and online filing are now available, some taxpayers still want to process their taxes properly and manually to avoid problems.

The great thing about the tourism boost the two counties is experiencing is that with the good performance of the economy and the corporate industry for the first quarter of the year. Continuous and increased booking for the hotels and resorts might also be expected even after the months of March and April because of the many sports tournaments and activities in the region, which are usually scheduled after March.

Escaping The Cold Weather

With the cold and not so good weather experienced by other states and regions in the country, more and more people are now going to this part of the country to enjoy some good, fair weather. Residents visiting Collier and Lee County in Florida are not only visiting just to escape the cold weather but some are really on long, grand vacation to enjoy some fun activities especially at the beach and to also witness some fun activities and events hosted in the two counties.

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