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Water – the most abundant resource on the planet. We take it for granted. It keeps us healthy, cleans our food, clothes, and our bodies.

In Africa it is said, "Water is life". However, in Africa many people have little access to clean water. They have to walk miles to a community well. Often, the water is tainted and unclean. And unclean water can lead to sickness, infections, blindness and even death. In Africa alone, 345 million people lack access to safe water ( That represents the entire population of the US. Imagine not being able to provide clean water for your family.

At Equity Realty, we have partnered with World Vision to combat the inequity in Africa. The irony is there is plenty of

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Fiddlesticks is one of the largest and prestigious master-planned communities in Fort Myers, Florida. For residents of this beautiful exclusive community, it is not only a home but also a great place where people who are relatively well-off give back to other people who are in need and to help the community.

The community of Fiddlesticks Country Club is the perfect place for the charity events not only because of the people and residents who are willing to help but also because of the great facilities available in the community. Fiddlesticks County Club is home to some of the best golf courses in the region. The community has two golf course designed by some of the best golf course architects and other recreational facilities and sports venues like

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