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Bonita Springs dog parkIf you are a dog lover living around Bonita Springs then here is a little good news for you. The city council has approved of a new dog park to be built at the north of East Terry Street and Matheson Avenue, and construction could begin as early as June.

The site was once a trailer park and plans are to devote $360,035 towards reconstructing it and making it usable as a beautiful dog park. Most of the allocated expenses that will be incurred are for the vinyl coated chain link fence that is supposed to appear natural.

There will be a reserve fund of $46,961. The funding will be set aside to treat any instances of soil contamination that may be pre-existing in the area. Current design plans envision the park to cover six and a half acres of an

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Getting your home ready for a showing can be a daunting task – you don’t know who will show up, what they’re like, or what their preferences are – so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s essentially a guessing game, but like any game, there are tips and tricks that will get you through the process as successfully as possible.

  • Depersonalize, but don’t sterilize

What do we mean by that? Well, as many people will tell you, it’s important to make sure your home isn’t too personal to you when you host a showing or an open house. After all, potential buyers are trying to envision themselves living there, not you. However, if you take down every photo, trophy, or keepsake, your home could quickly turn into a blank, lifeless sterile room. Tone down the

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Congratulations on the new home! It’s new, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and – oh yeah.

It’s empty.

Making the move between homes can be just as stressful and difficult as actually buying the home in the first place – we don’t usually think about the proportions and weight of our couches until we’re trying to squeeze them down 3 flights of un-air conditioned stairs. You probably have more than just a few items to transfer between your current residence and your new home, and a lot of the time it’s easier and safer to get some quick help.

  • Moving Companies

A professional moving company might be the right choice for you if you have a move a number of large, heavy items, or need to travel a long distance. They’ll enlist professional movers that

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It’s the first glimpse of their new home that many people see – the model. Brand-new, squeaky clean, straight out of the box, and everything you could imagine your home being. It’s designed to get you thinking about what it’ll be like living there, and it usually succeeds. Plus, the best part? You can buy it!

Well, not always the best part. Even though the opportunity to buy a fully-furnished model home with every upgrade, option, and amenity may seem like a dream come true, there are some reasons why it isn’t for everyone.

  • It’s for everyone

Basically, this home was designed to draw in as many different people as possible and give them an overview of the model being sold throughout the community. That means that every decoration, furniture

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Some people love them, some people love to hate them – but either way, homeowner’s associations play a huge role in a modern community lifestyle. Depending on who’s in charge, they can make your life a lot better or a lot worse, and even that depends on who you are and how you like to live.

So there are a lot of ever-changing factors at play if you can’t decide whether or not to live somewhere that features a homeowner’s association. To make it a little bit easier for you, here are some common reasons why some people like them, and why some people don’t.

The Good:

  • It’s like living in a small town

“But I already live in a town!” is probably what you’re saying. But think about this: when was the last time you mowed the grass alongside the

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Half a year of hard work and $4.8 million later, Shadow Wood Country Club can boast a brand-new clubhouse and the title of "Renovated Clubhouse of the Year” by Golf Inc. magazine. 

Located in The Brooks community in Bonita Springs, the country club was featured in a two-page spread of the June 2013 issue showcasing the new building, and received acclamation from nearly everyone.

Kenneth Hart, an architecture expert in the industry, called the Shadow Wood project “a respectful and sensitive renovation of a well-aged Mediterranean-style clubhouse with well-proportioned additions that are harmonious to the original design.”

Fort Myers-based BSSW Architects and Image Design of Atlanta lead the project.

Some of the renovations included an expansion

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Summer is upon us, and with it comes the usual influx of vacation travelers. Such is life in Florida.

It brings a much appreciated boost to the state’s economy, but also puts a strain on the long-term residents in many areas that are seen as summer vacation hotspots. As tenants rent out rooms to short-term travelers for premium rates, the amenities get more and more use, and condos start to look more like a Holiday Inn than a home.

And what people sometimes forget is that these condos often are homes, and not just part-time residences, owned half of the year and rented out the other half. And for these condo owners – everyone from a single bachelor to a big family – the increase of rowdy vacationers is not always a good thing.

It’s almost a

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“If your house shows well, it will sell well.”

It’s a pretty basic sentiment, but one that get the point across very clearly. And it’s universal: when you’re selling your car, you wouldn’t leave the old McDonald’s bags in, would you? It would need to be cleaned up, vacuumed, detailed, and made pristine. After all, people will be coming around to gaze on it with judging eyes, so why give them something to look for?

When you’re showing a home, it is the same way: aesthetics are everything. So, here are a few basic tips that will make your property look like it came out of a magazine.

1.       Cut the clutter

While some parts of your home may have a very important sentimental value to you, it isn’t a good idea to expect a buyer to feel the same

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A fully-furnished Marlowe villa model home by Stock Homes is now available for viewing, as well as immediate purchase, in the Escala neighborhood at Quail West. Escala is a luxury neighborhood located within the 1,180-acre golf community of Quail West, and offers three- and four-bedroom floor plans from 2,822 to 3,239 square feet priced starting around the mid-$600s.

The design of the Marlowe’s interior was done by Edgar and Tiffany West of East Indies Home Interior Design, and it was made to create a relationship between the indoor and outdoor lifestyles of the homeowner. Cool and warm colors collaborate to build a feeling of calmness within the home, and the stunning views of Escala’s signature golf course only drive home that point. It features a

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The luxury Ft. Myers gated community Miromar Lakes has just released the final phase of the Porto Romero neighborhood, and Miromar Lakes Vice President of Sales Al DiNicola expects residents to be able to move in by next season.

The homes will be preconstructed and will start around the low $500s. There will be 22 detached villas with water and golf course views and multiple 3-bedroom, 3-bath floor plans to choose from. The homes will range in size from about 2,200 to 2,700 square feet of air-conditioned living space or more.

“With the benefit of all of the amenities that Miromar Lakes has to offer to its residents, there is a strong demand for this size home, in this price range,” DiNicola said.

The amenities in question happen to be some of the

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