ArtFest Fort Myers to Feature Glowing Sculptures

The wire sculptures, crafted by Michael Gard are surely one of the main attractions at Art Fest in Fort Myers. They certainly draw a lot of attention, given the fact that they actually light up. His dancers float freely in thin air, illuminating the night with their graceful lights.

Gard began his wire creations as a 17 year old in London. Created on accident, while bending wire around a rock, he became curious with his accidental creation. He then decided to expand upon it and create different, more sophisticated works of wire art. Gard feels that his niche is pretty secure considering not a lot of people make wire art. He also mentioned that it was an easier and cheaper material to work with.

The light was a new development. Gard explained that because of the thinness of the wire, when the light reflects on it, it makes the figure look as if it’s made out of light. This makes for a completely unique wire creation, setting himself apart even amongst other wire artists.

There will be over 200 other artists selling their work at the festival. With this many artists on display, it should attract a very healthy number of people to attend. 

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