ADA-Accessible Facilities And Other Improvements At Hunter Park

Lee County is a great location in Southwest Florida not only because of the great communities located in this area but also because of the beautiful parks and recreational facilities available. One of the most popular recreational parks in the region is the Hunter Park located within the community of Pine Manor, west of Summerlin Road in Fort Myers, Lee Country, Florida. The park in Pine Manor community is usually visible to motorists when driving along Summerlin Road.

Facilities At Hunter Park

Conveniently located along Oak Drive, Hunter Park is open from dawn to dusk offering great amenities and recreational facilities to residents such as pavilions, playgrounds, water fountain, paved pathways, and a beautiful pond. Sports facilities are also available like the basketball court. The best part about the recreational park is that entry and use of the facilities are free of charge.

Morlyn and Zimmerman, the developers of Pine Manor community in the mid 50s, donated the land where Hunter Park is located. The name Hunter Park was derived from the commissioner of the county, Mr. George H. Hunter.

Facilities For The Disabled Persons

Based on the news, great improvements have been done to the park in order to provide a more functional and fun Recreation Park for the residents of the nearby communities. Recently, Hunter Park undergone major improvements in order to conform to the ADA codes and rules imposed in the country.

Hunter Park will now have ADA-accessible walkways in the entry point of the park from Summerlin Road. The ADA-accessible walkway is not only developed for residents with disabilities but it is also part of the road-widening project of the community.

Aside from the ADA-accessible walkways, Hunter Park will also soon feature ADA- accessible benches along the walkways so residents can sit, relax, and rest after a leisure walk around the park. Another great improvement is the new children playground developed and designed for children ages 2 to 5 which was funded through donation dollars. With these facilities, everyone from kids, adults, and to disabled persons will have a great and fun experience in the park without difficulty through the additional features designed for the disabled persons. However, pets are not allowed within the park area.

Driving Directions

If you are new to the place and want to visit the Hunter Park, here is a simple driving direction. First, access the Maple Drive. From this road, you can access a lot of roads that would lead to the park but the closest will be the Sago Avenue and the Eleventh Avenue which are blocks from the Summerlin Road. From the Maple Drive, turn left either to Sago Avenue or to Eleventh Road. Both roads will lead you to Oak Drive, which is the main entry point to the Hunter Park.

Lee County Parks And Recreation

Hunter Park is part of the bigger organization of Parks and Recreation in Lee County. The Lee County Parks and Recreation department oversees and takes care of more than 31,500 acres of beautiful preserves, facilities, parks, and local sites within the region. It is maintaining and overseeing about 3 recreation centers in Lee County, 11 community centers, 2 senior centers, as well as all the parks, boat ramps, beaches, stadiums, and other public recreational facilities in Lee County. Currently, the department has 250 officers with a 26 million budget.

Lee County is a great place for relaxation and active lifestyle with all the recreational facilities around the area. Aside from Hunter Park, there are other numerous parks and recreational areas in Lee County, which are also handled by Lee County Parks and Recreation department. Depending on your location, other great parks to visit are the Boston Red Sox City of palms Park, Estero Community Park, Lakes Regional Park, Six Miles Cypress Slough, and the Three Oaks Community Park.

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