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In the recent months, there have been some slivers of hope in the economic situation.  Somehow, life has continued and people have overcome the harshness of the recession.  Though still not in a stable state, the real estate market as well is also looking at things in perspective.  And the reports are also in for some positive outlook.  The median price of the single-family home has increased by 22 percent in the Lee County area.  The previous median price is at $114,000 and now it is set at $140,000.  In January 2012, 864 homes were sold while in January 2013 there were only 759 units sold.  And the average number of days of a single-family home in the market is at 57 days and these units are sold to as much as 94 percent of the selling price.


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The Imperial River at Bonita Springs is a popular destination especially for people who love canoeing and kayaking. There are a lot of boat ramps available in the area and one of the most favorite is the Imperial River Boat Ramp located near the South Tamiami Trail which is the closest boat ramp for residents and guests located in Naples.

There are a lot of kayak rentals available in the area with kayaking tours available every Wednesday to Sunday from 10 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon. The cost of single kayak is $25 while double kayak is priced at $40. The best part of the kayak rental services is that requesting for a tour guide does not incur additional cost so if you are new in the place and want to hire a tour guide, you do not need to

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Fiddlesticks is one of the largest and prestigious master-planned communities in Fort Myers, Florida. For residents of this beautiful exclusive community, it is not only a home but also a great place where people who are relatively well-off give back to other people who are in need and to help the community.

The community of Fiddlesticks Country Club is the perfect place for the charity events not only because of the people and residents who are willing to help but also because of the great facilities available in the community. Fiddlesticks County Club is home to some of the best golf courses in the region. The community has two golf course designed by some of the best golf course architects and other recreational facilities and sports venues like

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Lee County is a great location in Southwest Florida not only because of the great communities located in this area but also because of the beautiful parks and recreational facilities available. One of the most popular recreational parks in the region is the Hunter Park located within the community of Pine Manor, west of Summerlin Road in Fort Myers, Lee Country, Florida. The park in Pine Manor community is usually visible to motorists when driving along Summerlin Road.

Facilities At Hunter Park

Conveniently located along Oak Drive, Hunter Park is open from dawn to dusk offering great amenities and recreational facilities to residents such as pavilions, playgrounds, water fountain, paved pathways, and a beautiful pond. Sports facilities are also

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