March 2014

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Despite the growth in population, Lee County is proud to say the total number of violent crimes have dropped this year. Additional 5,338 residents were recorded in 2013. According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office, violent crimes such as forcible sex offenses, aggravated assaults, robberies, and murders has declined by 1.45 percent compared to crime percentage during 2012. The number of violent crimes in 2012 reached a total of 1,241. In 2013, it went down to 1,223.

When it comes to property crimes, it had declined to almost 6%. During 2012, 8,854 burglaries and thefts were recorded. In 2013, there were only 8,361 property crimes. Even motor vehicle theft, murders, and residential burglaries have noticeably declined. In motor vehicle theft alone, there is

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Although preparations were rushed due to various issues, the 38th annual Collier County Fair will still push through. The fair officially opened on March 13 and will continue until March 23. The 10-day Collier County fair is being held on Collier County Fairgrounds located off 751 39th Avenue N.E, just 10 miles east of Interstate-75.

The annual Collier fair opened last Thursday, 6 pm after just 3 days of hurried preparations. About 250 people worked together and help set up the event.

Chance Singletary, marketing and advertising director of Collier County Fair said that this year’s preparations were rushed because a lot of the ride operators contracted for the fair were still at the Lee County Fair. Fortunately, all that issues were finally sorted

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With the recent hit in the US real estate market, it is uplifting to see the prices start to rise again. In fact, they are rising quite quickly. While the winter has shown us a decline in US real estate sales, most analysts attribute this to the cold weather and anticipate a spike in sales come the warmer weather.

People have been hesitant to start a construction project or move during the winter, but the rising prices of US homes demonstrate that people are more anxious to buy. The positive thing is the rise in the price of the houses that are being sold and bought. Some states have shown such drastic increases of about 22%. Only Mississippi showed any sign of declining real estate prices.

Real estate used to be an investment. Recently, people have…
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Hotels and resorts in Southwest Florida are now increasing security features in order to protect their customers from scammers who attack hotel customers. Lots of cases have already been reported all over the country of con artists calling hotel customers during the night.

According to reports, the modus operandi involves scammers calling a customer in his/her hotel room during the night or when they think customers are already asleep. The con artist pretends to be a hotel employee and ask important information from the guest like credit card information. Scammers usually provide a lot of reasons to persuade guest to provide the information over the phone like computer crashes, processing problems, etc. The late night call is a strategy so scammers can

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