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Although it’s a well-known and oft-spoken fact that buying a home is likely the most expensive purchase you’ll make in a lifetime, there is little talk of what this huge sum of cash is being divided into. Most people just assume it all goes toward the cost of the house, but the fact is that there are numerous little fees and costs that are associated with making new home purchase – and if you aren’t aware of them, they can take you by surprise.

1.   Closing Costs

These are things such as the Origination Fee (what the bank charges you for making out a loan), Discount Points (what the bank charges you for getting a lower interest rate), and Appraisal fee (the bank will hire an appraiser to value the home – they don’t want to loan you more than it’s

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As rewarding as buying a home may be, the time spent leading up to the purchase can be wrought with second-guessing and self-doubt. Wondering if you made the right choice, wondering if the seller is being totally truthful about the property – these are all things that may go through your head. So, it’s important to know everything you can know about what to avoid when you’re buying a home, if only to give yourself confidence in the decision you make. 

  • Don’t consider yourself a master craftsman if you aren’t

When a home is being advertised as a “fixer-upper,” there are many things that can mean. One thing it does mean universally, however, is that it will be costing you money. Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that they will be able to

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When it comes to something as competitive as selling a home, those who don’t take advantage of every medium they can are the ones who fall behind. Many sellers don’t even consider the power that the internet has, but when used correctly, it can become a powerhouse for advertising your home, attracting buyers, and getting you the best price possible.

But considering the average person perusing the internet has probably sold no more than a handful of DVDs on EBay, advertising for an entire house may seem daunting. The truth is, however, as long as you have a few basic ideas down it can be a simple and rewarding process.  

  • Your real estate agent can help

When you start working with a local real estate agent to get your home on the market, he

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Living in Florida is about following a relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.  It is not just about the natural reserves, beaches and waterfront views that the residential areas boast.  The amenities of the place are about class and style that is lacking in other cities.  In Bonita Springs, Promenade is a popular place to hang out, as it is the place to dine, shop, and be entertained.  For the Fort Myers area, Island Park is a shopping center that everyone goes to for daily necessities as well as fun and relaxation. 

The shopping centers were bought for a total of $9.125 million where the Promenade was priced at $5 million while the Island Park was at $4.125 million.  The managing director and principal, Karen Johnson-Crowther represented the Colliers

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These aren’t exactly your typical homes. 

The popularity of the so-called “microhouse” is on the rise, partly because of the low, low price tag that comes with them, and partly because of the small impact they have on their location. They’re often privately built, and few exceed the size of a typical New York City studio apartment. But they have warmth and charm that is rarely found in a more typically sized house.

The aptly-named “Alligator House” in New Orleans was designed by N.O. architect Will Crocker, and though the home stretches from the sidewalk back nearly 50 feet, it has just 13 feet of width. With the appearance of a large alligator with open jaws, this all-white creation is more unique than it is micro, but still fits the bill.


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“If your house shows well, it will sell well.”

It’s a pretty basic sentiment, but one that get the point across very clearly. And it’s universal: when you’re selling your car, you wouldn’t leave the old McDonald’s bags in, would you? It would need to be cleaned up, vacuumed, detailed, and made pristine. After all, people will be coming around to gaze on it with judging eyes, so why give them something to look for?

When you’re showing a home, it is the same way: aesthetics are everything. So, here are a few basic tips that will make your property look like it came out of a magazine.

1.       Cut the clutter

While some parts of your home may have a very important sentimental value to you, it isn’t a good idea to expect a buyer to feel the same

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A fully-furnished Marlowe villa model home by Stock Homes is now available for viewing, as well as immediate purchase, in the Escala neighborhood at Quail West. Escala is a luxury neighborhood located within the 1,180-acre golf community of Quail West, and offers three- and four-bedroom floor plans from 2,822 to 3,239 square feet priced starting around the mid-$600s.

The design of the Marlowe’s interior was done by Edgar and Tiffany West of East Indies Home Interior Design, and it was made to create a relationship between the indoor and outdoor lifestyles of the homeowner. Cool and warm colors collaborate to build a feeling of calmness within the home, and the stunning views of Escala’s signature golf course only drive home that point. It features a

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The luxury Ft. Myers gated community Miromar Lakes has just released the final phase of the Porto Romero neighborhood, and Miromar Lakes Vice President of Sales Al DiNicola expects residents to be able to move in by next season.

The homes will be preconstructed and will start around the low $500s. There will be 22 detached villas with water and golf course views and multiple 3-bedroom, 3-bath floor plans to choose from. The homes will range in size from about 2,200 to 2,700 square feet of air-conditioned living space or more.

“With the benefit of all of the amenities that Miromar Lakes has to offer to its residents, there is a strong demand for this size home, in this price range,” DiNicola said.

The amenities in question happen to be some of the

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A new home design has just been introduced by Toll Brothers at Bonita Lakes, a new single-family home community located in Bonita Springs. Ken Thirtyacre, president of Toll Brothers Florida West and Central Divisions, called the design, christened the Athena, “an exciting flexible design that is already receiving numerous inquiries and a great deal of interest from homebuyers.”

The design features three bedrooms, a study, two full baths, a three-car garage, and a total of 2,649 square feet. Alternately, the floor plan can be easily expanded to include up to five bedrooms, four full baths, and an upstairs loft area to total 3,200 square feet.

The two guest bedrooms are conveniently separated from the family bedrooms by the living spaces in a

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The kitchen is an integral part of any home. It is where we entertain, where we cook and prepare food, and where we eat. Most of the time, family, friends, or guests surround you in the kitchen. Since floor plans in many homes are very open in today's market, the kitchen can be viewed from various rooms, like a family room. Potential buyers often spend the most time in the kitchen when viewing a home. The reason for this is that it is a guarantee that the homeowner and any guests that they have visit will spend time in the kitchen every day.


At this point, if you are looking to sell your home, you may be asking yourself if your kitchen is in good enough shape and up-to-date enough to do so. Kitchen renovations can be overwhelming and can take a

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