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Curb appeal is the appearance of the exterior of a home from a street view. A wide majority of prospective home buyers will not even consider purchasing a home if they feel that a home's curb appeal is not visually attractive. In this day in age, shopping online has become widely popular. The same goes for purchasing a home. Many home buyers have turned to shopping for homes on the Internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, 70 percent of people will not view an Internet listing if there is no photo, and many will browse past a listing if there are only a few photos. Since deciding on a home has a lot to with the visual aspect, positive curb appeal is extremely beneficial.

Curb appeal forms a potential buyer's first impression. It is

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Making your wish for a dream house come true is now even more attainable these days. There now real estate loans and mortgage programs that are being offered in the market. Getting your credit loans approved is the first step to make your dreams a reality.

What Is A FICO Score?

The FICO score is the most popular and well-known credit score. It was in 1970, that Fair Isaac Corporation introduced the formula for the FICO score. It was not an easy feat for the founders, mathematician Earl Isaac and Engineer Bill Fair, to come up with formula and it took them 12 years to finalize it.

The actual FICO formula includes the individual's borrowing history, length of credit history, punctuality of payment, and types of credit used. The FICO score is a

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