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The economic crisis has greatly affected various sectors of the economy and one of the major industries that were deeply affected was the real estate industry especially in regions with numerous residential and commercial areas like Collier County and Lee County in Naples, Florida. For the past years, foreclosure activities have been increasing in these areas resulting to large foreclosure judgments especially for foreclosed commercial establishments.

The good news is that lis pendens are now starting to slow down this year so real estate experts are expecting less foreclosure activities and the start of the recovery of the real estate market in Naples for this year. A lot of areas and development projects are still ongoing taking advantage of the good

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The economic crisis has affected a lot of industries. One of the major sectors that were affected was the real estate industry, which was greatly felt by the real estate market at Collier and Lee County, Florida where a lot of real estate developments were done during the real estate boom. However, the worst part is that the foreclosure crisis experienced by these counties in Naples did not only affect the residential sector and the investors but also the commercial sector.

According to current news, the foreclosure crisis did not only hit the homeowners but the crisis also reached the commercial market leading to the foreclosure of a lot of large and well-known commercial establishments in the area. The crisis caused numerous foreclosures of

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A lot of hotel and resort owners are now very happy and excited with the great start of Lee County and Collier County’s tourism industry for the start of this year. According to reports, almost all hotels and resorts are experiencing a great increase in occupancies and bookings for the month of February. Experts believe that this booming tourism in Lee County and Collier County will continue to increase until the month of April.

A Great Start For The Tourism Industry For 2013

Compared to last year’s tourism performance of the two counties in Florida, room rates and occupancies are much better for this year, and hotel owners and resort owners are quite excited about this good start for the tourism of the region. A lot of people from all over the

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A lot of condominium associations are now studying the issue on whether to foreclose on their delinquent home or unit owner in case the unit owner defaults on their mortgage responsibilities. This is because of the new ruling decided by the appellate court in the case of Aventura Management, LLC against the Spiaggia Ocean Condominium Association, Inc., in Florida.

On January 23, 2013, the appellate court decided that the subsequent unit owner does not owe the condominium association any delinquent assessments yet to be paid to the association once the condo association foreclose the property and obtain the title of the unit first before the first mortgage bank does the foreclosure for the unit.

The Previous Owner And Actual Unit Owner


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Fort Myers, Florida is not only popular for their crystal blue and white sand beaches but every year thousands of people from all over the world visit this popular place every March for its fun and memorable Shrimp Festival. Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival was held on March 3 to 10.

Various Fun Events During The Festival

This is Fort Myers 55th Shrimp Festival and the festival was opened grandly during the annual Fort Myers Beach Lions Shrimp Festival Queen Sunset Social event held at the Gulf shore Grill in Estero Boulevard. The candidates for the 2013 Shrimp Festival Queen’s Pageant were introduced with tickets for the event sold out for $10 each.

If you are into shrimps especially delicious foods involving shrimps, then you will love the

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We have to be aware of the damaging effects of the sun to our skin and health especially during the summer months where the heat of the sun is extreme. Too much of the ultraviolet rays absorbed by our skin could lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers especially in Northern Ireland. In fact, sun exposure accounts for 28% of the diagnosed cancer cases today.


  • Before going outside or outdoors, apply a sunscreen and regularly apply sunscreen when staying outdoors for longer duration.
  • Sun Protection Factor or SPF should be at least 15 in order to guarantee a better sunscreen. The higher the sun protection factor, the higher the degree of protection.
  • Always check the expiration date of the sunscreen.
  • Other
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It has been awhile since the real estate market has experienced the downturn as a result of the recession. Many have lost their jobs giving way to mortgages left unpaid as other priorities were given more importance such as food and health.  Foreclosures and non-selling homes were in the ultimate high since people want to keep their money within wraps.  But the market has seen to slowly rise up in the recent months.  Lee County in southwest Florida has seen home sales increasing in the past year.  Reports have shown that even though cautious, buyers still believe that the real estate is a form of investment.

Decrease In Foreclosures

According to the Southwest Florida Real Estate Investment Association director Jeff Tumbarello, foreclosures have

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In the recent months, there have been some slivers of hope in the economic situation.  Somehow, life has continued and people have overcome the harshness of the recession.  Though still not in a stable state, the real estate market as well is also looking at things in perspective.  And the reports are also in for some positive outlook.  The median price of the single-family home has increased by 22 percent in the Lee County area.  The previous median price is at $114,000 and now it is set at $140,000.  In January 2012, 864 homes were sold while in January 2013 there were only 759 units sold.  And the average number of days of a single-family home in the market is at 57 days and these units are sold to as much as 94 percent of the selling price.


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The Imperial River at Bonita Springs is a popular destination especially for people who love canoeing and kayaking. There are a lot of boat ramps available in the area and one of the most favorite is the Imperial River Boat Ramp located near the South Tamiami Trail which is the closest boat ramp for residents and guests located in Naples.

There are a lot of kayak rentals available in the area with kayaking tours available every Wednesday to Sunday from 10 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon. The cost of single kayak is $25 while double kayak is priced at $40. The best part of the kayak rental services is that requesting for a tour guide does not incur additional cost so if you are new in the place and want to hire a tour guide, you do not need to

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Fiddlesticks is one of the largest and prestigious master-planned communities in Fort Myers, Florida. For residents of this beautiful exclusive community, it is not only a home but also a great place where people who are relatively well-off give back to other people who are in need and to help the community.

The community of Fiddlesticks Country Club is the perfect place for the charity events not only because of the people and residents who are willing to help but also because of the great facilities available in the community. Fiddlesticks County Club is home to some of the best golf courses in the region. The community has two golf course designed by some of the best golf course architects and other recreational facilities and sports venues like

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